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Alan Wright

  • Al started dock jumping with his original two dogs Jersey and Max in the summer of 2011. In their first ever competition against over 100 other dogs at the Palooza dog event, Max placed 2nd overall and Jersey in the top 10. The following day both teams competed with DockDogs at Carrotfest. They earned six wave medals and both teans placed in the finals. This was the start of the Canadian Lab Squad.


  • Personally trained over 1000 dogs to dock jump achieving an incredible 100% success rate. Many of these dogs have since gone on to compete throughout North America that have earned numerous World invites.
  • Had the Top 3 DockDogs Warrior Iron Dogs in Canada with Max, Louie and Jersey. They typically placed in the top 3 in Extreme Vertical, Big Air and Speed Retrieve in their respected divisions in Canada.
  • Received over 100 Regional and World invites competing in numerous World Championship competitions with his original 5 Labradors teams.
  • DockDogs Extreme Vertical World Finalist with Jersey placing 5th overall
  • Max placed 2nd at the first World Duelling Dogs in his division losing by a split second.
  • Even when Max had his rear left leg amputated, he still earned DockDogs and Duelling Dog World invites. Sadly he passed before he could compete.

  • Trained as one of only two Canadian Event Managers with DockDogs.
  • Certified DockDogs Judge starting in 2012.
  • Participated as a Rules Committee Member for DockDogs representing K9 Fun Zone and Canada.
  • Proposed and assisted in created the original DockDogs House League.
  • Designed and ran the original dialed in fun dock jumping events.
  • Opened our facility K9 Fun Zone in 2016, which included designing and building the first ever Canadian Facility Duelling Dog.
  • Awarded DockDogs' Top Dock Jumping Facility 2016 the first year opened as voted by DockDogs staff.
  • K9 Fun Zone is equipped with both an Extreme Vertical and a Speed Retrieve rig on the 40’ pool and a Fetch It rig on the 50’ pool, available for those who have been trained to use them.


  • Jersey performed at the Toronto Sportsman’s show during Easter jumping for the crowd as a chocolate Easter bunny complete with bunny ears. Al would throw three tennis balls into the water and he would pick them all up. He loved the meet and greet afterwards and was one of the crowd’s favourites.