Where dogs bring
their people to play!

Monday through Friday 7am - 6 pm

Please email info@k9funzone.com to request a copy of the Daycare Pet Profile Form. Once it has been completed and returned along with proof of vaccination, a 10-15 minute Meet & Greet will be arranged to assess your dog's temperment.

Appointments will not be accepted until after approval at the meet and greet.

Active daycare clients are not bound to any particular day of the week. However, in order to remain in our active data base, daycare dogs must attend at least twice per month. Otherwise, they will be listed as inactive and a new meet & greet will need to be scheduled at a fee of $25.

$25/day for one dog $45/day for two dogs One dog Monday-Friday $115 Two dogs Monday-Friday $210

*HST applicable to all prices

Lots of indoor and outdoor play for your pup. Ball pit, toys, treats, swimming (seasonally). We are a licensed kennel inspected annually. Our goal is to send home a well exercised, happy and tired pup at the end of the day.