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Good days start with Antinol®

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Jemma was bred at the tender age of just nine months old. Unfortunately, her puppies stole precious nutrients from her young growing body. As a result, Jemma has suffered from arthritic joints from an exceptional young age. In the video <-- seen to the left, she wanted very much to join in on the play with her new sisters but her body just would not let her. She was only 6 years of age. It was heart breaking to watch her prematurely age.

Antinol gave Jemma back her life. She regained significant mobility before the initial two week loading period was complete. Jemma is now able to play with her siblinigs. Something which was unheard of previously. It used to break our hearts seeing how much pain she was in and how stiffly she would move. The difference in her movement and ease with which she can now stand from laying down is remarkable. Watch the video of her now at almost double the age of the first video.

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